Fidelity offers professional reference letters!

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Dear Clients!

We would like to inform you that as of now our services include provision of a professional reference letter. Upon request, we can issue such reference to those individuals who have been our clients for at least the past three years.

What is a professional reference letter?

Generally, a professional reference letter confirms the nature and length of the professional relationship between the individual (You) and the issuer (Fidelity). If necessary, the document can be customized to meet any particular wording requirements and any specific information can be included.

Why would you need this?

At this time and age all institutions which are subject to anti money-laundering regulations (banks, brokers, insurers, accountants, attorneys, real estate agents, etc.) are legally bound to verify the identity and credentials of all their potential customers prior to accepting their business. Existing customers, including long-term ones, are also routinely vetted in a similar fashion. Client background checks and evaluation of personal credentials are also conducted by many non-financial businesses – especially, if significant contract values are involved. Reference letters are a common part of this procedure.

As we are a regulated financial services business, our reference letter likely carries the required “weight” and may help You take care of your due diligence needs, wherever they may be.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should You require more information!

Nida Urbanczyk

Nida Urbanczyk
Manager, Client Relationship Centre
Tel. +44 207 1933 616
Fax. +371 672 13247
Skype ID: nidab.fcsl

Remaining yours,
Fidelity Group Team

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