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We offer Corporate bank account introductions, International Business Company (IBC), Special License Company, Forex (FX) Brokerage and consultancy Company, Trust, Foundation, Mutual Fund, Incubator Fund formation and establishment.

Bank Accounts

We offer corporate bank account introductions in British Virgin Islands (BVI), Belize, Seychelles, Cyprus, Latvia, St Vincents, Switzerland, Austria, Hong Kong and Malta.

Virtual Office

Business address, fax, mail, and document management service.

Belize IBC

belize ibc


The Fidelity Corporate Services Group is an on-site direct source service providers, we specialize in Belize, British Virgin Island (BVI) and Seychelles offshore incorporations and establishments.


Belize is famous worldwide with its minimal regulatory restrictions, and unobtrusive bureaucracy.

British Virgin Islands

BVI is one of the world’s most popular offshore company formation jurisdictions.


A Seychelles IBC is among the most competitive International Business Companies available today on the world offshore financial services marketplace.


Information about Scottish Limited Partnership (SLP)


New and exiting BVI products

BVI Financial Services Commission (FSC) already offers two new products - Incubator Fund and Approved Fund, that will attract many start-up investment managers that are interested to start open-ended funds, especially since these products are lightly regulated, flexible, cost efficient and turnaround for the application review is much faster.

BVI Record Keeping Requirements

BVI Business Company record keeping requirements have been amended and BVI companies are now requred to keep account records for a period of 5 years, at the office of its registered agent, or at such other place or places, within or outside the Virgin Islands but if not kept at the office of the registered agent, a record of the location where they are kept must be given to the registered agent.

Cyprus bailout: all deposits under EUR 100,000 will be protected

Cyprus has avoided bankruptcy as Eurozone Finance Ministers have secured EUR 10 billion bailout, which subsequently will prevent Cyprus banking systems collapse and maintain the country EU member state!

Double Irish Dutch sandwich? – Yes, Please!

The strategy is using payments between related entities in a corporate structure to shift income from a higher-tax country to a lower-tax country. It is based on the fact that Irish tax law does not include U.S. transfer pricing rules. Furthermore, Ireland uses territorial taxation, therefore does not levy taxes on income booked at subsidiaries of Irish companies that are outside of the state.

Where is the guarantee when choosing us?

We are Registered Agent and Trustee in Belize, licensed and regulated by the Belize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC), we are also Licensed Registered Agents in British Virgin Islands and Seychelles.

Buying an Offshore. Offshore Companies from the Source

Clients often ask me – what is your main advantage? Why should I choose your company among the array of other offshore service providers? Prices? Not really. Our prices are reasonable, but not the lowest in the industry. You can always find new agents who are entering the market with their „sensational” dumping proposal, low-skilled staff who is ready to „work for food” and, hence, the appropriate quality of the service. Having piled up orders, these agents are unable to process them and they get buried under the paperwork, inquiries and calls from indignant customers. It all comes down to unnecessary problems. After all, saving on your offshore setup is like saving on your bullet-proof vest.

The Price Issue or Each Case is Individual

On today’s agenda – a important matter. The prices. What exactly do we offer our clients regarding this aspect? Our price range is designed to meet the needs of everyone who is interested in our services – from a professional in the field to a beginner to the market of offshore services. Today we will discuss the latter.

To FOREX (FX) or not to FX, that is the question! (Part 4)

All the success of the licensing under the Mutual Funds Act mostly depends on the character, professional experience and business background of the applicant, which is YOU. This is why you need to be familiar with legislation, you need to know what you want and if this is the vehicle you are looking to set up!

Welcome to the New and “EPIC” Fidelity Offshore World Wide web, blog and information site!

I would like to introduce you with who we are! We are part of the Fidelity Overseas and Fidelity Corporate Services group. We have ground offices in several reputable tax havens.

Interesting facts about Tax Information Exchange Agreements (aka TIEA or TIA)

By definition TIEA is a legal instrument used between two countries. TIEA is an agreement to exchange civil or criminal tax information upon request of one of these countries. This is a development of the OECD member countries that is meant to tackle issues and addresses harmful tax practices.

To FOREX (FX) or not to FX, that is the question!

FX Trading is one of the best ways in the world of making huge profit.

For those left out of the loop, I will explain the newest requirement for Seychelles IBC`s to keep Accounting Records

As we know Seychelles IBC`s were not required to keep any “Accounting Records” (AR) at all. But the Seychelles Government had to make amendments regarding AR as a response to the initial request by the OECD.

Having difficulty in deciding to establish Trust or Foundation?

Many clients don’t know whether to choose Trust or Foundation…No wonder there, as they both offer benefits that are somewhat similar! Moreover, in terms of set up, confidentiality and protection provided, both products are very alike.

To FOREX (FX) or not to FX, that is the question! (Part 2)

When FX Company executes trades from segregated accounts, while mutual funds pools funds from investors into one account with a fund manager that makes trades on behalf of the fund.

The origins of Trusts…

Trust is a tool that is of somewhat similarity to a will, therefore development of this concept dates back when Roman law had developed this concept. First it was the development of the concept fidecommissum, which translates from latin “trust to commit” (fides – trust, committere – to commit). However this concept was never applied when creator would still be alive, hence just like a will.

Settlor, Trustee, Beneficiray roles in a Trust

The settlor is the person who creates the trust by placing a certain asset that s/he owns into the Trust. The trustee is the person who holds the assets for the benefit of the beneficiary. The trustee is the person who holds the assets for the benefit of the beneficiary.

To FOREX (FX) or not to FX, that is the question! (Part 3)

Before starting to acquire a Belize broker, forex or any other licensed company, it is important to understand necessary application procedures and to have extensive understanding of the regulatory body that issues Belize special licenses. In Belize it is the IFSC (International Financial Services Commission) responsible for issuing and regulating all the thirteen different licenses.

Do I get any signed document to ensure the nominee shareholder will not claim the ownership of the company?

The professional service relationship between a Nominee Shareholder and the actual owner of the offshore company would usually be confirmed by a Trust Declaration.

Main International Instruments for Information Exchange

There are several instruments that govern procedures related to information exchange between states, these are: Double Tax Treaties – DTT (aka double tax conventions – DTC), Tax Information Exchange Agreements – TIEA, Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties – MLAT and also there are some multilateral agreements available too.

Some facts about no par value shares

If no par value shares are chosen, then clearly company capital is unknown. Those shares can be of any value! Only when these shares are issued to shareholder value has to be stated. This is beneficial, for investment vehicles especially, as it brings more flexibility and higher prices can be set at latter stage when offering shares to new investors or shareholders.

Some useful information about bank account opening

Main thing is to remember that each account opening is subject to client status. When opening corporate bank account, banks require information from actual beneficial owner of the company, but if you wish someone else to manage your bank account you can appoint account signatory.

Cyprus bailout: a local accident or first test of the new anti-offshore feature?

Cyprus bailout: a local accident or first test of the new anti-offshore feature?

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Cyprus bailout: Fact sheet and a little update on what’s new in media

So idea was to tax everyone with savings account of certain savings and use that money towards the debt. This caused a panic and everyone, obviously, decided to withdraw their savings. So banks closed down, after government declared national holiday. ATMs, of course, have restrictions and limits on withdrawals

Cyprus bailout: Expected anxiety is going very smoothly

Finally after two weeks banks in Cyprus have reopened. Let’s be honest everyone expected slight unrests as soon as banks will open and expected that people will be little tense and impatient to withdraw their savings as soon as banks will open their doors.

Prepaid card solutions

How it defers and benefits more than a regular credit card is that it has no credit report verification, no risk to get into a debt and overdraft charges, as you cannot spend more than you deposit on it.

Latvian Holding Company or The New Offshore in Europe

Since Latvian Parliament adopted amendments to the law of corporate income tax in 2011, it has become a very attractive choice for international business.

Can you revive your IBC, if you failed to pay all payments and government fees?

When you fail to pay annual renewal fees, your IBC loses its status of good standing and incur late penalties. Your IBC becomes kind a like zombie, waiting to be woken up!

Do not pass income tax, do not pay $200

Planning to go offshore, but don’t know which jurisdiction to choose from? This is a very common struggle clients meet, before establishing their first offshore company.

Mix and match for better asset protection

As you already know, we offer a range of offshore investment and banking options, variety of the best jurisdictions to choose from, great choice of different asset protection vehicles and the best services that come along with it!

Clearing up the confusion about Authorized capital and Paid up capital

Many clients get confused when it comes to filling out our applications for the registration of their companies. Where is the confusion?

Bank Account Signatory service v. Power Of Attorney

By default, clients, who order full management IBC, tend to get Power of Attorney (POA) with it. Why? Mainly in order to operate bank account associated to this company. And sure, how else would they manage the moneys in there, right?! Fair enough, this is common knowledge after all.

Shareholder or beneficial owner?

When it comes to buying an offshore company, the distinction between shareholder and the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) has to be clear. When you look at the names as such they already tell you that shareholder is the “holder” of shares and UBO is the real owner.

Go Virtual and go “Green” - kill two birds with one stone

But for those who have some sorts of an active businesses „virtual office facility” might just be what they need! This is a paid service, which brings to life your already registered address. Virtual office has sub-services, which can be any or all of the following: full address for business correspondence, telephone and fax numbers, mail and fax forwarding service, document re-mailing and call handling service.

The wise man and the foolish man OR smart ways to repatriate your offshore funds

Every individual is liable to their local tax authorities in regards to any income they receive, that’s just the way it is! Just like when you are self-employed you go and declare your income and pay tax on it as needed. Same way, when you get income from offshore entity, it is your responsibility to declare it and return tax on it. In most cases no one does this, subsequently, possibly, becoming an object for investigation. Question to declare the funds or not is entirely yours, bear in mind that sanctions may be painful in case of problems.

The naked truth about BEARER SHARES

A bearer instrument (aka bearer share) is a document indicating that the owner of this document has title to property, so who physically holds the bearer share is assumed to own the property. For this reason the main benefit is the ability to quickly and anonymously transfer the ownership of the shares.

This and that about APOSTILLE

Apostille from French means certification. It is an international certification, which, in domestic laws, can be compared to a notarization. It is a procedure by which official documents issued in one country are certified in a uniform way, so that they become formally acceptable in all another signatory countries.

My Master the Rich Tycoon - Be careful what you wish for!

All of us must have heard or learned at some level about the recent leaks of secret banking information. As you know this was one of the biggest days in investigative journalism and will go down in history as one!

Registered capital and Company bank account

Many clients ask the same question –If my company’s registered capital is USD 50 000, can I have more money in my company bank account?

Can I appoint my child as the beneficial owner of my company?

For BVI, Belize or Seychelles companies all parties involved (beneficial owners, shareholders and directors) have to be of age (at least 18 years old).

Merchant account solutions – enhance your active trading businesses

E-commerce, (aka electronic commerce), is a type of industry where buying and selling of product or service is conducted over electronic means, using systems such as the Internet and other computer networks

European VAT on Digital Sales delivered from non-EU businesses

Experience shows that many clients who establish offshore companies for trading purposes, at some point decide to let go the company as they cannot understand the right way to operate it when selling their digital services to consumers based in EU.

New and exciting product - Seychelles Limited Partnership

Seychelles Limited Partnership is a vehicle that is very suitable for Mutual Fund or Hedge Fund. Seychelles Limited Partnership allows to sell limited interest shares, hence these are usually sold in funds to investors, this way the investors become limited partners and own % of the fund.

The Greatest of the Greatest LLC`s there is…

Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a hybrid entity that combines advantageous elements of two common business structures - corporation and partnership.

News on Belize Accounting Records

Belize International Business Companies are obliged to prepare and keep its accounting records, further all accounting records shall be maintained and retained for a period of not less than 5 years. These records shall be kept in any place within or outside Belize as may be determined by its directors or other competent persons.

Seychelles have abolished Bearer Shares

Form the 16th of December 2013, pursuant to the amendments to the IBC Act, Seychelles IBCs are no longer permitted to issue bearer shares!

Annual Return filing with Registered Agent (SEYCHELLES IBCs)

The return is filed in a form of a declaration, and has to confirm the below two points: 1)The company keeps accounting records and the accounting records can be made available through its registered agent; 2)Register of shareholders (register of members) of the Company is up-to-date and copy of same is kept at the registered office.

“FSA” replaces “SIBA” in Seychelles

“SIBA” (Seychelles International Business Authority) was replaced by the “FSA” the Financial Services Authority.

“Too big to jail” OR “too big to fail”?

In 1856 Alfred Escher founded `Schweizerische Kreditanstalt`. The original purpose of which was to finance the expansion of the Nordostbahn/North-East Railway railroad network. And it was a big success and Credit Suisse evolved into a leading financial services provider globally.

European VAT on Digital Sales delivered from non-EU businesses

Digital goods and services has become an important part of the daily life of the modern European consumer and the market is still growing. „Electronic”, „digital” or „intangible” are the terms the usually refers to the digital sales. Digital goods and services do not require tangible medium to be delivered and can be easily transmitted from a distance through the internet. Such products as a song, a film, a software program, a book, or any other electronic documents can be bought in a digital format and instantly delivered to a customer. This way removing the need to go to a local shop to make a purchase and the seller can be situated in any other country and operate through an online shop.

Non-owned vehicles

In physics, it is known as escape speed, it is the speed needed to "break free" from the gravitational attraction of a massive body, without further propulsion.

How to choose the right bank for your company and tips on what to consider in making the choice

I will outline some key points that need to be considered before opening bank account and I am more than sure that this will help you when making the decision. Nevertheless, as always we only give supportive advise, and each client has to turn to local, legal advisors for professional advise.

Born Free, taxed to death or Venezuela`s airport `breathing` tax

Airports already charge so many different fees, like passenger taxes, departure taxes, fuel taxes, etc., but this I must say is one of the most interesting taxes I have heard so far – WAIT FOR IT ... - the air tax!

BVI Launch of Electronic Certificates of Good Standing

Certificates of Good Standing produced by the Registry of Corporate Affairs can be issued electronically for companies and limited partnerships registered in the British Virgin Islands. CGS can now be delivered to clients locally and internationally in a faster manner and the electronically issued certificate will bear the same features as traditionally issued hard copy certificate.

Belize International Foundation

International foundations were introduced approximately 100 years ago. Foundation is often compared somewhere between a trust and a corporation, as it has characteristics that are similar to both. Just like a trust, foundation offers asset protection by transferring ownership of assets. And yet offshore foundation is a separate legal entity, unlike a common law trust, and for this reason more akin to a company.

"Off the shelf" company

Off the shelf companies and difference between approved name companies, shelf companies, aged companies and exclusive turn key solution packages. Offshore incorporations are fairly quick procedure, but there are cases, when even the one or two days are somewhat crucial.

Holding in Latvia

Latvia has become a key element for successful business establishment worldwide, and more particularly very attractive jurisdiction for Holding Company establishment, as income form subsidiaries is no longer taxed. Latvia can actually be considered an offshore, if looked at from an Eastern perspective.

3% TAX or 30% TAX, in Bamako, Mali, you can decide this yourself!

In Bamako, Mali, you can decide your own tax rate. There are two possible tax rates available - 3% or 30%.

Weird Taxes

Throughout the history there are many different taxes, taxes on houses that were wide, houses that had many windows, taxes on beard, taxes on fur, food, TV, candy and many other.

Amendments of BVI Business Companies Act

On December 21, 2015 a new BVI Business Companies (Amendment) Act 2015 was passed by the BVI House of Assembly. This law enacts several new requirements for BVI Business Companies. One of them is the requirement for all BVI Business Companies to file a Registry of Directors with the BVI Companies Registry

The New Seychelles IBC Act, 2016

Changes in the IBC regime in Seychelles, with the enactment of the new IBC Act 2016.

What about Hong Kong ?

There are countless benefits for establishing company in Hong Kong. With its attractive and competitive tax regime, light business set up procedures, great infrastructure, excellent location, HK offers the fastest, easiest and one of the most affordable locations for businesses in Asian region.

BVI Business Companies IMPORTANT UPDATE: Registry fees are due to increase from 1 January 2018

On 20th December 2016 the Government of the British Virgin Islands passed the BVI Business Companies Act, amending the schedule of fees and penalties charged by the Registry of Corporate Affairs in BVI, which will come into force from 1 January 2018.

Cyprus Private Limited Company

We are glad to announce that from now on, we actively offer Cyprus company formations. We did offer this service upon request previously, but now we have created the ordering process more accessible for everyone and made it easier for all.

Combined Asset Protection Vehicles

For higher privacy and confidentiality purposes you may want to choose one of our combined asset protection and estate planning vehicles.

SEYCHELLES International Business Companies IMPORTANT UPDATE:

On the 30th November, 2018 the Seychelles enacted the International Business Companies (Amendment) Act, 2018 (Amendment Act) which amends the IBC Act. Main amendments are: Removal of public access to filed Register of Directors, extension of the powers of the Registrar to restore struck‐off companies, extension of time period to compliance with the filling of Register of Directors and obligations relating to Beneficial Owners and extension of time period for dissolution of company.

Seychelles IBC Tax regime changes 2019

The Government of Seychelles has passed amendments to several important Acts amending the International Business Company (IBC) Regime to territorial taxation as of 1st of January 2019.

Intellectual Property Prohibition Belize 2019

Belize Government enacted Statutory Instrument –International Business Companies (Intellectual Property Asset Prohibition) Regulations, 2019.