Offshore Companies in Seychelles (Seychelles IBC).

Offshore companies in Seychelles
(Seychelles IBC)

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Seychelles IBC (International Business Company) is the most popular and flexible type of offshore corporation available in the Seychelles. Basically, a modern IBC is a private corporation which is exempt from tax, and suitable for practically all international business activities. Flexible in organizational structure, IBCs are not weighed down by unnecessary reporting or record-keeping requirements, and follow strict confidentiality regulations.


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We’re here to help Based on our professional experience, we have created a range of packages to satisfy the most common demands and needs of our clients.

From listening to our clients, we know that flexibility is key. That’s why our packages are designed to be versatile. Using our interactive order form, you can create your own tailor-made setup, customized to fit your personal needs and business situation.
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Basic information
- It takes approximately 24 hours to incorporate a company, and a further week to complete the paperwork.
- For your convenience, we offer a variety of payment methods – wire transfer, credit card, WU transfer and cash.
- We also offer a “ready-made company” option. These are companies which are already registered, or approved for immediate registration. As such, they are available for immediate purchase.
- If a client orders two or more companies, a discount will be applicable.
- It is possible, and preferable, to use pre-approved names, a service we provide free of charge.
- Turnkey packages (ready-made companies with bank accounts) are also available Learn more about turnkey packages

Seven reasons to buy a Seychelles IBC.

1) With an IBC, you pay zero taxRead More.

The main advantage of a Seychelles IBC is that, by definition of law, it is not subject to any tax or duty on income or profits. Shareholders of Seychelles IBCs are also not subject to any tax on income derived from the IBC.

Similarly, a Seychelles IBC is also exempt from any stamp duties on all transactions relating to its business, in particular on any transfers of property, and on any transactions relating to shares, debt obligations or other securities of the IBC.

Essentially, a Seychelles IBC is a completely tax-free offshore corporation. However, in order to qualify, your company must meet certain criteria:
1. It may not do business in the Seychelles.
2. It may not own real estate in the Seychelles.
3. It may not carry out banking, insurance or registered agent business without a special licence.

2) With an IBC, you are guaranteed confidentiality and protectionRead More.

Confidentiality is one of the key features of a Seychelles International Business Company as details of the company owners, and shareholders are NOT part of public record. These details are known only by the registered agent, in this case, Fidelity Corporate Services. No information is provided to the government.

We are obliged by law to keep your information confidential and can be prosecuted if we fail to do so. The only circumstance where your information may be disclosed is under criminal investigation by the government.

It is a requirement to keep register of directors at registered office with your Registered Agent, and to file the register of directors with the Registry, available for public inspection. (There is no public access to Register of Director information filed with the Registrar until 1st December, 2018.)

In order to enhance your protection level, you can also opt for our nominee service.

3) With an IBC, you’re up and running in no timeRead More.

The Seychelles have one of the fastest Registries of International Business Companies in the world. New IBCs are usually incorporated within 24 hours, with an additional 3 to 5 days to process all documentation.

As soon as we receive payment and the necessary Due Diligence documents from you, we’ll get the ball rolling.

4) With an IBC, there is no paid-up capital required Read More.

A Seychelles IBC is not required to have any minimum paid-up capital in order to start its operations. You can pay any amount of the authorized share capital you wish and there are no compulsory timeframes as to when this capital must be paid up.

Overall, the capital structure of a Seychelles IBC is extremely flexible and suited to all manner of business circumstances and needs.

5) With an IBC, you receive competitive government licence fees Read more.

A Seychelles IBC pays a government fee of $100 at registration, and every year after that. This is a feature unique to IBCs as this fee applies to all International Business Companies regardless of the amount of their authorized capital, paid up capital, number of shares or other corporate variables.

So you can start your company with an authorised capital of one hundred million dollars, and still pay just $100! With a normal capital threshold of $50,000 to $100,000, most other offshore jurisdictions just can’t compete.

Here is a quick comparison with some other offshore jurisdictions:


6) With an IBC, there are no accounting requirements Read More.

The only thing you have to do is declare where the accounting records of your company are kept. However, Fidelity recommends keeping your accounts in order for your own peace of mind.

7) With an IBC, you can take advantage of the flexible corporate structure Read More.

A Seychelles International Business Company is legally independent with the same powers as a natural person, and requires a minimum of only one shareholder and one director, which may be the same person. There is no requirement to have any local directors or shareholders and foreign individuals or corporate bodies (of any nationality) can be shareholders or directors. Apart from the director, the company does not have to appoint any other officers.

Documents required

Fidelity Corporate Services is subject to Anti-Money-Laundering laws in force in the Republic of Seychelles. Under these laws, we must verify the identities of all of our clients. There are no exceptions. These documents will, however, remain strictly confidential.

The following documents must be provided for each individual involved in the company:

1) One document evidencing identity.

Type: In descending order of acceptability: Passport, national identity card, armed forces identity card, valid driving licence.

Features: The document must be valid and current, and must contain a photograph of a reasonable likeness. 

Form: A clear color-copy of the document must be certified by a notary, lawyer, chartered accountant, consular officer, court officer, bank manager or a similar regulated professional or state official. The name and status of the certifier and the name of his organization (if any) must be clearly indicated. The copy must be certified as a “true copy of the original seen and the photograph being of a reasonable likeness to the bearer of the document”.

2) One document evidencing residential address.

Type: A utility bill, bank statement, credit card statement, mortgage or credit union statement, local authority tax bill, local council rent card, statement of the residential address issued by the local municipality, notary or banker. The document can also be a national identity card or driving licence, if it contains the residential address and has not already been provided under 1);

If the bank reference can confirm the residential address, it may be used as well. In the case of unbanked individuals, a professional reference may be acceptable as a matter of exception. 

Features: The document must indicate the full name of the individual together with his residential address.

Form: The document must be original and not older than 3 months. In the case of an ID card or driving licence, a copy must be certified, as described in 1).

Attention: Your presence in the Seychelles is not required to incorporate your company, however you’re always welcome to visit us at our offices in downtown Victoria.

Attention: We need only scanned copies of the documents to start the incorporation process. However, the originals must be sent to us later on.

If you are interested in having a corporate body certified, please contact us for further information.

How to register a company.

Below you’ll find a step-by-step guide to setting up a new offshore company in the Seychelles:

Step 1. Fill in the order form

Please fill in our interactive online order form. We’ve made it easy to understand and very user-friendly. The form offers explanations at each step of the way so you can decide exactly what you need and what you don’t need. The form also shows the applicable fees and calculates the total start-up and annual costs of your IBC. The same form must be completed if you choose the ‘shelf’ or ‘ready-made’ company option.

Bear in mind that completing and submitting our online order form is not binding – the form can also be amended at any time in the future. If you would prefer not to send your details over the internet, you can download our offline form here.

Once we receive your order, we will review it and get back to you. Please make sure to include correct contact details with your order - if we can’t contact you, we can’t go any further!

Step 2. Proposed name check .

Name requirements:

There are certain requirements that must be followed when choosing the name of your IBC. For example, a Seychelles IBC may not be registered under a name that is identical to the name of an existing Seychelles company. Registration may also be denied if the name is almost identical to that of another company.

The "restricted names" for a Seychelles IBC are those that contain the words "Assurance", "Bank", "Building Society", "Chamber of Commerce", "Chartered, "Cooperative", "Imperial", “Insurance", "Municipal", "Trust", "Foundation", or a word conveying a similar meaning. The Registrar may also refuse a particular name if, in the opinion of the Registrar, the name is indecent, offensive or otherwise objectionable or misleading.

Name-endings :

The name of a limited company has to end with a word or abbreviation denoting a corporate body or limited liability. The most popular name-endings are "Limited", "Corporation" or "Incorporated"; the words "Société Anonyme" or "Sociedad Anonima"; the abbreviation "Ltd", "Corp", "Inc", "GmbH", "AG", "OY" or "S.A."; or several other words or abbreviations. The actual choice of available corporate endings of the name of a Seychelles IBC is very wide, including abbreviations in many European languages. You can find the full list in the downloads section of our website.

The name check procedure normally takes 24 hours.

Step 3. Payment.

Normally, we need to receive payment before we can continue with the registration process. For returning clients, we apply "open account" payment terms. However, this courtesy will not be extended to first-time and individual orders. Payment can be made by wire transfer, credit card, WU transfer or cash. For your convenience, we recommend paying by credit card as it’s the least expensive and most reliable option.

Step 4. Company registration.

After we’ve received your order, Due Diligence information and payment, we register your company. A company number will be issued and your company can start its official ‘life’. This usually takes around 24 hours.

Step 5. Formalizing the documentation

Formalizing the documentation takes 3 to 5 days in most cases. However, additional time may be needed if you request notarization and Apostille.

In most cases your company documents will probably need to be certified. Documents issued in one country would usually only be acceptable within that country. To make a document legally acceptable abroad, most countries have agreed on a uniform system of 2nd level certification. This is the so-called Apostille legalisation, or The Hague Convention 1961 process.

You will need Apostille if you intend to open a bank account or carry out any business outside the Seychelles.

Once this is completed, the documents will then be dispatched to you, via DHL. Or, if you prefer, you can leave them in our care and pick them up whenever it suits you.

Step 6. Post-incorporation procedures

After the incorporation of your company, you will be asked to sign a few documents – a consent letter, accounting records declaration, etc.

And that’s it! You’re free to enjoy your new Seychelles IBC!

The next step will be opening a bank account for your company, which we can help with if needed.

The whole registration process takes around 3 to 7 days, but if you would like to save some time, you can always buy a ready-made or turnkey company.

Main Specifications of a Seychelles IBC
Corporate format: International Business Company.
Applicable Law:The International Business Companies Act 2016.
Level of taxation:Zero.
Privacy:High. Information about the owners and shareholders is kept by the Registered Agent and is not disclosed to third parties.
Register of Directors filed with the Registry of Corporate Affairs:Yes.
Publicly accessible Registers of Directors:Yes, as from 1st Dec 2018
Valid corporate endings:"Limited", "Corporation", or "Incorporated", or abbreviation "Ltd", "Corp", or "Inc".
Optimum authorized capital:100 0 .
Attention: The law does not require full payment of the authorized capital and does not specify a timeframe. 
Any amount of authorized capital is possible.
Minimum paid-up capital:Not required.
Minimum government fee:0 .
Minimum number of directors:One director (legal entities are allowed).
Minimum Number of shareholders:One shareholder (legal entities are allowed).
Nominee directors and shareholders:Allowed.
Company Secretary:Not required.
Book-keeping:free form
Submission of accounts and audits:Not required.
From a tax point of view, is the company is regarded as a resident?No.
Bearer shares:Not permitted.
Language of statutory documents:English.
Pre-approved names:Allowed.
Shelf companies:Allowed.

"Shelf" Companies and Pre-approved names list.
Name Date Status    
Bagryana Corporation Bagryana Corporation 30.08.2018 Approved Order  
Carrasco Incorporated Carrasco Incorporated 14.07.2017 Approved Order  
Consolmagno Industries Ltd. Consolmagno Industries Ltd. 30.08.2018 Approved Order  
Echnaton Investments Inc. Echnaton Investments Inc. 30.08.2018 Approved Order  
Kayor Solutions Limited Kayor Solutions Limited 30.08.2018 Approved Order  
Primolevi Development Ltd. Primolevi Development Ltd. 30.08.2018 Approved Order  
Roerich Incorporated Roerich Incorporated 30.08.2018 Approved Order  
Ullacharles Inc. Ullacharles Inc. 30.08.2018 Approved Order  
Wodehouse Ltd. Wodehouse Ltd. 21.06.2019 Approved Order  
Seifert Corp. Seifert Corp. 30.08.2018 Reserved Order  
Herriot Productions Ltd. Herriot Productions Ltd. 09.12.2016 Approved

Documents you receive after incorporation.

When ordering the Basic Package Order

  • Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  • Resolution of Subscriber;
  • Share Certificate;
  • Letter of Consent;

When ordering the Standard Package Order

All the documentation from the Basic Package PLUS:

  • An Apostilled set of primary documents which includes notarized and apostilled copies of the following documents:

When ordering the Full Service package Order

All the documentation from Standard Package PLUS:

  • Declaration of Trust

The following documents may also be issued:

  • General/Special Power of Attorney;
  • Certificate of Good Standing;
  • Certificate of Incumbency;
  • Tax Exemption Certificate
  • Rubber Corporate Seal
  • Embossed Corporate Seal

Note:You can always get any or all of these documents legalized by the following embassies/countries: China, India, Russia, Denmark or the UK.