Combined Asset Protection Vehicles

For higher privacy and confidentiality purposes you may want to choose one of our combined asset protection and estate planning vehicles.

Why would you need this?

Incorporation of a company in a tax-haven jurisdiction is the easy part. Offshore company is tax free, since it is international company and is not considered resident for tax purposes.

But when it comes to the actual management of the company, it is much more complicated.
You have to take into consideration the following aspects:
mind and management” of the company,
location of the transaction for tax purposes of the company.

What it means is that a business company will be considered resident for tax purposes in that country where its mind and management is located. For example, if an owner of BVI company lives in high tax country, e.g., UK, France, Sweden etc., manages (signs contracts, operates company bank account, issues invoices etc.) this company from there, then with these actions he creates, what taxman calls a permanent establishment of the company. Subsequently, under tax laws, a permanent establishment of foreign company is treated same as regular domestic business, and becomes subject to local taxation in this country.

Location of the transaction for tax purposes concept largely determines who (which country) can tax the profits, gains or value added in a certain business transaction regardless of where the contracting parties come from. The place of business is determined by a multitude of conditions. Not only each country will have its own rules in this respect, but also there is not a single definitive recipe for resolving the place of business issue, since each business is different, and much will also depend on the place of permanent residence and domicile of the company owner.

The best way for an offshore company to remain tax free, this company must not only be registered in a tax haven but it must also be managed and controlled from a tax haven.

Furthermore, all potential customers are recommended to obtain local, qualified tax advice from a specialist in the country of their residence, or where they domicile or even where their proposed business operations will take place.

We offer nine different packages, containing USD 500 and more discount each. We have created these packages to ensure low costs and fast establishment.

We could call this a more complex corporate tax strategy, a way of adding that extra layer of protection to your wealth, since Trust/Foundation assets are no longer the property of the settlor/founder. Further settlor founders creditors cannot reach the Trust/foundation assets and, as Trust/Foundation assets do not form part of settlor’s/founders estate at the time of death, they are neither governed by will, nor subject to probate.


Package Price
Belize Premium IBC owned by Belize International Foundation Package $ 2900
Belize Premium IBC owned by Belize International Trust Package $ 3300
Seychelles Premium IBC owned by Belize International Foundation Package $ 2900
Seychelles Premium IBC owned by Belize International Trust Package $ 3300
BVI Premium IBC owned by Belize International Foundation Package $ 3800
BVI Premium IBC owned by Belize International Trust Package $ 4200
Belize Premium IBC owned by Seychelles International Trust Package $ 3100
Seychelles Premium IBC owned by Seychelles International Trust Package $ 3100
BVI Premium IBC owned by Seychelles International Trust Package $ 4000

In order to choose the right package for yourself, you need to firstly choose the jurisdiction for the company, secondly decide with vehicle is more suited for your needs.

How to choose the right jurisdiction:

There are about fifty countries in the world that offering various tax benefits to non-residents, thus promoting what is called offshore business. Some of those countries are extremely popular and widely perceived as offshore tax havens - like British Virgin Islands, Belize or Seychelles

So, which is the best jurisdiction to incorporate an offshore company?

There is really no standard answer. The choice of the right offshore jurisdiction will depend on the intended use of the offshore company, the personal and business circumstances of its owner, and the actual regions of the world where this company intends to trade.

How to choose between Foundation and Trust:

There are rather similar functions and reasons for establishing a Foundation or a Trust, the difference is the legal structure. The main difference is that Trusts historically originate from common law countries, e.g., England, USA and India, therefore are mainly used by these countries. While Foundation is a product predominant and understandable by the Civil law countries, e.g., France, Germany, Russia, Spain. In reality one can even say, allegorically, that Foundations are Trusts for the countries who do not understand Trusts.

All of our Packages include the following:

Company formation and all primary documents.
Government registration fee.
Registered Agent service.
Corporate directorship service by a local, licensed service provider.
Business address, correspondence & document administration.
A set of primary documents, notarized and legalized by Apostille.
General or Limited Power of Attorney, Apostilled.
International Foundation formation/ Establishment of the Trust.
International Foundation Government fee / Government Fee for registration of International Trust.
Foundation Registered Agent/ provision of Trust Agent.
Foundation Council Member/ provision of Trustee

Original Certificate of Establishment of the Foundation, notarized and legalized by Apostille. / Original Certificate of Registration of the Trust, notarized and legalized by Apostille.