BVI Offshore Company (BVI BC)

BVI Offshore Company (BVI BC)

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Registration of BVI companies is managed by the local division of Fidelity Group - Fidelity Corporate Services Ltd. Our office is located in downtown Road Town, the capital city of the British Virgin Islands. Our highly professional staff are at your disposal to deal with all of the necessary licenses and permits. If you require a confidential and speedy registration in the BVI, with no extra charges, you’ll be in safe hands with us.


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Nominee director service for one year
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Business address and document processing service for one year
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We’re here to help! The structure of these packages is based on our many years of experience, and a thorough analysis of the needs and preferences of our customers.

At the same time, they are simply suggested packages. You can always create a set of services to better suit your specific needs and business situation. To order a unique set of services, please use this simple BC configurator ►.

For your information
- The entire registration process for a BVI company takes no longer than 24 hours. We do, however, need an extra few days for registration and legalization of statutory documents.
- Our payment options are quick and convenient. You can pay online by credit card or bank transfer, or in cash at our office in Road Town.
- If you’re having trouble coming up with a company name or you want to save time, you can choose from our list of free pre-approved names.
- We offer ready-made BVI companies, available for immediate purchase.
- Take advantage of our exclusive "Turn Key" offer - shelf companies with pre-opened bank accounts). However, the "Turn Key" company offer is limited so be quick! Learn more about "Turn Key" companies.
- If you buy two or more companies, you will receive a substantial discount

Seven reasons to purchase an offshore company in the BVI.

1) Complete freedom from taxes in the country of registration. Learn more.

The BVI are completely free of taxes. That means no income tax, no taxes on dividends, interest, royalties or any other sums that the company pays to shareholders or other persons. There is zero tax on income from capital gains through stocks, bonds or any other securities.

Transfer of ownership of an offshore company through the transfer of its securities in any form (sale, gift, inheritance, etc.) is also exempt from tax.

Tax haven? More like tax heaven!

The offshore tax-exempt status of the British Virgin Islands is laid out in the national legislation of the country (BVI Business Companies Act 2004).

2) The British Virgin Islands - the oldest and most respected offshore jurisdiction in the world. Learn more.

The British Virgin Islands are the top dog in the offshore industry. The BVI are one of the oldest (on the market since the 80s of XX century) and, without doubt, the best-known offshore jurisdiction in the world.

The BVI set the standard when it comes to offshore companies.

The number of active offshore companies registered in the BVI today is about seven hundred thousand, or about 40% of the total offshore market. When you consider that there are dozens of offshore jurisdictions all over the world, this figure is even more impressive.

However, the BVI have never chased cheap popularity. The Islands value their reputation as a leading light in the offshore sector. A strict and thorough approach to documentation, no price dumping, and a selective attitude towards customers has led to the reputable image BVI companies have today. "Dirty” businesses never make it to the BVI. The British Virgin Islands are a white-collar jurisdiction, the home of Big Business.

3) The British Virgin Islands have the most elaborate offshore legislation in the world. Learn more. Learn more.

The BVI is to the offshore industry what Milan is to the fashion world. The British Virgin Islands establish the benchmark, and others follow suit - with varying degrees of success. In fact, most offshore legislation zones are carbon copies of the laws created by the BVI.

While others learn to play by the rules of the BVI, this jurisdiction makes the rules. Thus, in response to noise from the international community about discrimination against local companies versus offshore companies, the BVI took the sensational step of becoming the first jurisdiction which granted equal rights to offshore companies and "home" companies. Now neither pay taxes.

The British Virgin Islands work in close cooperation with international organizations, adopting new standards and legislation, and honing existing ones. In this way, the BVI preserve and maintain their stellar reputation in the eyes of the world community.

Only in the BVI will you find such a concentration of highly-qualified specialists in international law, with tax lawyers of every kind. This makes the island an ideal jurisdiction for solving the most complex issues and implementing the most sophisticated schemes.

The highest level of security. Information about the owners, shareholders and directors of the company is safely hidden from inquisitive eyes. Learn more.

Being under the spotlight of international organizations (FATF, OECD, etc.), the British Virgin Islands are doing everything they can to protect the interests of their clients. Moreover, the jurisdiction is leading a relentless charge for the legalization of offshore companies and their integration into the global economic system. Judging by the inclusion of the BVI on all possible "white lists", progress is being made.

Information about the owners (beneficiaries), directors and shareholders of BVI companies is not available to outsiders. Moreover, when opening a new offshore company, this information is not submitted to the Registrar of Companies! The registrar knows only a particular company’s Registered Agent. All information about the structure of the company and involved physical and legal persons is known only to the Agent (in this case, Fidelity). The law obliges the Registered Agent to hold all of this information in the strictest confidence.

All internal company documents (register of directors, register of shareholders, different protocols and decisions) are stored in the agent`s office and are strictly confidential. Only two documents are made public: the Memorandum and Articles of Association. These documents contain no mention of the owners (beneficiaries), so there is no chance of information leakage. Nominee directors and shareholders act as an additional privacy shield. The real owner of the company may appoint a "formal" director and shareholder who will perform all representational functions, keeping the identity of the owner a secret.

In fact, given that the British Virgin Islands no longer collect taxes from local companies, preserving the integrity of the offshore industry there is a matter of economic survival. Therefore, there is no doubt that the government will do everything in its power to defend the interests of its clients, no matter how strong the pressure from outside.

Information about the directors, shareholders and owners of offshore BVI companies may be disclosed only by court order.

5) The Act does not limit the size of the share capital of BVI companies and does not specify the exact timing of the payment. Learn more.

Another nice feature is the extensive use of BVI shares without par value. In other jurisdictions you need to pay increased fees for this, but BVI capital, built on stocks without par value, is the standard.

Standard capital in the BVI is 50 thousand shares (with par value or without). For companies with this capital, a minimum amount of government fees - 0 – is applicable.

If the size of your company`s capital exceeds 50 thousand shares, the government fee increases to 0 .

As in other offshore areas, in the BVI you are not required to pay the share capital in full. Your company can still function normally, deferring the payment of capital for an indefinite period - or only paying a small part of it.

6) The law does not require the company to submit financial statements. Learn more.

BVI offshore companies are free from the necessity of submitting financial statements to the tax authorities of the country, and from carrying out statutory audits.

However, we recommend not discontinuing financial accounting, as this information can be very useful in assessing the financial position of the company.

7) Free use of directors and shareholders as legal entities. Learn more.

Directors, shareholders and other officials in BVI offshore companies can be both physical and legal persons of any nationality. By using directors, the legal persons are spread out, which is very convenient for building complex company ownership and control schemes. An interesting feature of the BVI company is the practice of assigning a backup director who gets the right to manage the company in the event of the deaths of the incumbent directors.

Director and shareholder meetings may be held outside the BVI. The physical presence of the participants is also not necessary - remote meetings are allowed.

Documents needed to register a company in the British Virgin Islands:

The prestige of this jurisdiction has a downside. The documentation requirements are generally stricter than in more "democratic" offshore zones. If they seem too off-putting, we recommend that you try Belize or the Seychelles instead, where the process is much simpler.

Mandatory documentation:

1) A certified identification document.
A passport (foreign or domestic) is the most readily-accepted document. Next, in descending order, a national ID-card or driving licence (only acceptable if it contains a photo of the owner). The authenticity of the document must be certified by a notary, lawyer, certified public accountant, an employee of the embassy or consulate, a bank manager, a police officer or other person authorized to certify documents.
If you visit our office in Riga or in the BVI, copies of your document will be made by our staff on-site.

2) Proof of residence.
What is it? Any official document showing your name and address together. The most popular options are: utility bill (except mobile phone bills), bank statement (including credit card statement), a certificate from the housing department, an extract from the register of residents, a letter from a notary, bank official, etc.

3) Reference letter from the bank.
This formal document can easily be provided by almost any bank. Banks are familiar with this procedure and, as a rule, each bank has its own format.
In this letter, the bank confirms that the relevant person has been a customer of the bank for however many years, and declares the absence of any claims to this person .

4) Confirmation of the source of legal funds.
This is usually a bank statement.
Actual figures in this account are not that important. The law only requires proof that the client has legal funds.

All of these documents must be provided for all individuals involved in the structure of the company (the owners, directors, shareholders, persons with power of attorney).
In order to proceed with the registration of your company, it is sufficient to obtain electronic copies (scans) of the aforementioned documents. Paper originals can be sent to us after successful registration.

Upon collecting the documents, we will ask you to sign the order form, which also acts as a cooperation agreement with Fidelity.

A step-by-step guide to registering an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands.

Step 1. Ordering and preliminary consultations.

Duration - from half an hour to several hours.

For the convenience of our customers, we have developed a special online order form. Upon its completion, we can start the registration of your company in the BVI. The form is intended not only to inform us of your desire to create a company; it is also designed to be informative so that you can get acquainted with our full range of services in a simple and understandable form. The configurator of companies contains all the necessary explanations to help you decide which services you need and which you don’t.

The order form also shows how much each separate service costs, how much the set of services you have chosen is, and how much the annual renewal of your company will cost.

We’re here to help!
If you’re still a bit confused about filling in the form, or you’re not sure exactly what services you need, contact us and our experts will help you resolve any doubts.

Contrary to the saying "written in stone", the completed order form can be changed or corrected at any time - even after you hit "Submit Form". So don’t worry about making mistakes – there’s no such thing as an error here.

The completed order form goes straight into the hands of one of our managers, who will contact you immediately to confirm receipt of the order, agree on all the details and clarify any obscure points.

Following that, you will be allocated your own registration specialist, who will provide you with full support throughout the registration process.

By filling in the order form you are not obliged to buy anything.
You can also order your company offline by downloading the order form from our website and sending it to us via fax or email. We also enjoy having visitors at our offices in Riga (Latvia) or Road Town (BVI). In addition, you can always just call us!

Step 2. Approval of the company name in the Register.

Duration - one working day.

A mandatory requirement in registering a new company is checking its name in the Register to see if the proposed name corresponds with the law:

The same company name must not already be in existence and should not be too similar to any previously registered company names.

Given that the British Virgin Islands have registered several million offshore companies over the years, many names are already taken.

- The name must not be misleading, for example, suggest the company`s participation in licensed activities.

- The title should not infer the patronage of the government of the BVI or the UK, or claim a direct relationship with either of these countries.

In the event that your company name contains an abbreviation, the Registrar may require an explanation.

Avoid the hassle!
You can skip the name approval step by using one of our pre-approved names or ordering a ready-made company.

Step 3. Payment.

Duration – entirely dependent on the payment method.

Once the details of your order are agreed and approved, you will receive an invoice. You can pay for your order in any of the following ways:

- By credit card online: This is the cheapest, fastest and safest payment method. You do not have to pay commission - the card will be charged the exact amount specified in the invoice. We begin registration only after the money reaches our account – with credit card payments this happens instantly. In addition, this method protects your interests, as the use of a credit card allows its owner to cancel the payment.

For your ease and convenience:
Fidelity recommends paying for our services by credit card.

- Standard bank transfer: a proven method of payment but not without its drawbacks: bank charges are applicable and it may take several days for the payment to be received at our end.

- Pay in cash at one of our offices.

- Western Union transfer.

Step 4. Company registration.

Duration - one to two business days.

Once the invoice has been paid, and all required documents are submitted to us, the Fidelity BVI office staff submit an application to the Registrar.

Due to the lack of red tape in the BVI, your company will be registered by the next day, with a six-digit registration number and a legal address.

Step 5. Preparing the corporate documents and sending them to the client.

Duration - two to five working days.

During this time, our staff will prepare the corporate documents for your company. At your request, these documents can be further certified by a notary and apostilled. This procedure may take a few extra days.

At this stage, our staff will draw up various additional documents as ordered by the client (power of attorney, certificates, etc.)

Once the papers are ready, they will be sent to you by one of the world’s leading courier services - DHL or FedEx.

Safety first
If, for security reasons, you would prefer to store the documents at the BVI office, we can offer you a safe storage service.

From payment to document dispatch normally takes three to seven days. Yes, it’s that quick and easy to become a business owner in the most prestigious and respected offshore jurisdiction on the planet. Millions of businesspeople have already chosen the British Virgin Islands. If you would like to join them, please contact us – we’re ready to help!

Apart from the standard companies, you can also buy our special products - ready-made companies and "Turn Key" packages (a shelf company that already has a bank account). Fresh registration - not an option, you need a company "with experience"? Urgently need a bank account? In such cases, these solutions can be very handy.

Basic information about BVI offshore companies.
Corporate format: British Virgin Islands Business Company (BVI Business Company).
Applicable Law: BVI Business Companies Act 2004
Level of taxation: Zero.
Privacy: Extremely high. Personal details of persons involved in the company are not given to public authorities and do not appear in the public domain.
Valid corporate endings: Ltd., Limited, Inc., Incorporated, Corp., Corporation, Company, SA, Societe Anonyme, Sociedad Anonima, GmbH, SARL and other similar endings suggesting the status of a limited liability company and its legal nature.
For special types of offshore BVI companies (Unlimited Company, Special Company, etc.) specific endings apply.
Optimal authorized capital: 50,000 shares (with or without par value).
Attention: The law does not require payment of the share capital and does not specify the timing of the payment.
Attention: Use of non-standard authorized capital is perfectly acceptable but simply comes with an increased amount of duty.
Minimum paid up capital: Not specified
Minimum Goverment fee: 0
Minimum number of directors: One director (including legal entities)
Minimum Number of Shareholders: One shareholder (including legal entities)
Nominee directors and shareholders: Allowed and widely used
Company Secretary: Not required
Book-keeping: At the discretion of the owner
Submission of accounting and auditing: Not required
Bearer shares: Allowed (with certain limitations)
Language of statutory documents: English
Shelf companies: Available

List of BVI companies available for immediate purchase
Name Date Status    
Miranda Business Solutions Ltd Miranda Business Solutions Ltd 03.12.2015 Approved Order  
Uberise Corp. Uberise Corp. 13.12.2018 Approved Order  
Wallace Real Estate Ltd Wallace Real Estate Ltd 04.12.2015 Approved Order  
Zooyo Ltd. Zooyo Ltd. 13.12.2018 Approved Order  
Ava International Business Inc Ava International Business Inc 03.12.2015 Approved
Eafix Inc. Eafix Inc. 13.12.2018 Approved
Ecoloo Limited Ecoloo Limited 13.12.2018 Approved
Epimia Inc. Epimia Inc. 13.12.2018 Approved
Kayescent Corp. Kayescent Corp. 13.12.2018 Approved
Pixodel Inc. Pixodel Inc. 13.12.2018 Approved
Spikemur Corp Spikemur Corp 04.12.2014 Approved
Surise Limited Surise Limited 13.12.2018 Approved
Appie Holdings Corporation Appie Holdings Corporation 03.12.2015 Reserved
Asher Management Limited Asher Management Limited 26.11.2015 Reserved
Walsh Invest & Trade Ltd Walsh Invest & Trade Ltd 26.11.2015 Reserved

Documents that you will receive after registration

When ordering the Basic Package Order

  • Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association;
  • Resolution of Subscriber;
  • Share Certificate;
  • Consent Letter

When ordering the Standard Package Order

All the documentation from the Basic Package PLUS :

  • An Apostilled set of primary documents which includes notarized and apostilled copies of the following documents:
  • Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association;
  • Resolution of Subscriber.

For your information: Fidelity recommends purchasing a set of apostilled company documents. If you wish to use the documents outside the BVI, they will need to be apostilled.

When ordering the Full Service package Order

All the documentation from the Basic Package and Standard Package PLUS:

  • Declaration of Trust
    Optional documents (not included in the packages which are available upon request).
  • General/Special Power of Attorney;
  • Certificate of Good Standing;
  • Certificate of Incumbency (issued by Fidelity);
  • Tax Exemption Certificate;
  • Copy of the Register of Directors/Shareholders;
  • Corporate seal

We hope that this brief overview has provided you with a general idea of how to start an offshore company in the BVI. However, if you do have any questions, please feel free to call or email us, or fill in our contact form. As always, our knowledge, experience and professionalism will be at your service!