Offshore Companies in Belize (Belize IBC).

Belize offshore company (Belize IBC)

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Fidelity Overseas Ltd., our branch in Belize, is engaged in the registration and operation of Belize offshore companies. Our regional office is fully licensed by the state authorities of Belize to provide a wide range of offshore services. By acquiring a company from us, you buy directly from the registered agent with no intermediaries, surcharges or delays.


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Company registration
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Primary company documents
Provision of registered address for one year
Registered Agent service for one year
Courier delivery
Making an extra set of documents under Apostille  
Nominee Director service for one year    
Nominee Shareholder service for one year    
Business addresses and document processing service for one year    
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We’re here to help The structure of these packages is based on our many years of experience, and a thorough analysis of the needs and preferences of our customers.

At the same time, they are simply suggested packages. You can always create a set of services to better suit your specific needs and business situation. To order a unique set of services, please use this simple and easy.
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Basic information
- The entire registration process for a Belize company takes no longer than 24 hours. We do, however, need a few extra days for registration and legalization of statutory documents.
- We accept credit card payments. Alternatively, you can always pay for your company registration using a standard bank transfer or make your payment in cash at our offices in Riga (Latvia) or Belize City (Belize).
- By choosing one of our pre-approved company names, you can save valuable time. This service is also free.
- We always have "shelf” companies available.
- In addition, we offer an exclusive service - "Turnkey" companies (a shelf company with an already open bank account). But be quick as the "Turnkey" offer is limited! Learn more about turnkey companies..
- If you buy two or more companies, you will receive a substantial discount.

Seven reasons to purchase an offshore company in Belize.

1) Zero tax rate. Belize is completely free from any offshore company tax. Learn more

A Belize offshore company is not subject to any taxes. At all. Got your attention?

No income tax. Company shareholders are not subject to taxation on any dividends they receive. You will have total freedom from all taxes and fees associated with running the company - including transfers of property, share dealing and other activities.

The tax-exempt status of an offshore company was established, and is guaranteed by, the national legislation of offshore zones. It is an unconditional requirement of the law (Article 130, Belize IBC Act (Revised Edition 2002)).

So that the offshore sector does not undermine the domestic economy, there are several requirements companies must meet:
1. The company has no right to conduct business with residents of Belize (physical or legal persons).
2. The company cannot own shares in firms which are tax resident in Belize.
3. The company may not engage in licensed activities (banking, insurance, business trusts and foundations, etc.).
4. The company cannot own real estate in Belize.

2) Ultra-fast registration of companies. Belize offers perhaps the most rapid registration of all offshore areas. Learn more.

Registration of company on the same day as receipt of order – this is standard practice for Belize. Your company could even be ready within a few hours of applying! The reasons for this amazing promptness are reasonable documentation requirements, an absence of the traditional bureaucracy found in more conservative jurisdictions, and a computerized registration procedure. All of this means you can have your new company within hours.

Another interesting feature of Belize is the ability to "cheat time". What do we mean by that? It’s a question of time zones – just when Moscow is shutting down for the day, Belize is getting started.

If something unexpected happens and you need to open an offshore company right away but the business day is almost over, you can avoid time pressure, and turn to Belize.

The further east, the more advantageous the time difference – so you could almost be registering your company yesterday!

3) Reliability and confidentiality. Information about the directors, shareholders and company owners is absolutely confidential and not disclosed to third parties. Learn more.

Speed of registration, reasonable costs and security of information are the three pillars on which the popularity of Belize offshore companies is founded. Offshore companies are structured in such a way to avoid unnecessary attention for the business and its participants.

Information about the owners (beneficiaries), directors and shareholders of an offshore company is not available to the public. Moreover, when opening a new offshore company, this information is not supplied to the Register of Companies. Information about the persons involved in the offshore venture, from beginning to end, is known only to the Registered Agent of the company (in this case, Fidelity) and kept in the strictest confidence. The Register only knows who the registrar is (i.e. who represents the interests of the government of Belize). Convenient, right?

Personal data will always remain the prerogative of the agent - government agencies do not have access to it.

As an additional level of information protection, offshore company officials act as nominee directors and shareholders. The owner of the company may appoint one of our experts as director, who will then formally take up this position. This maneuver allows you to make any links between the offshore company and its true owner even less noticeable to prying eyes.

All internal corporate documents (register of directors, register of shareholders, etc.) are stored in the agent`s office and are strictly confidential. There are only two documents in the public domain: the Memorandum and Articles of Association. These documents do not make any mention of the owners (beneficiaries), so they avoid the threat of information leakage.

It should be noted that the offshore sector is a significant part of the GDP of most tax havens and provides them with a much more solid injection of foreign money than tourism does. Therefore, the government and the inhabitants of offshore zones have a direct interest in maintaining and developing the status of their countries as competitive offshore and financial centers. The motivation to maintain the privacy of offshore companies is very high.

Information about the directors, shareholders and owners of Belize offshore companies may only be disclosed by court order.

4) Reasonable price. Registering a company in Belize will cost you less than in any other jurisdiction of Fidelity.Learn more.

Low government fees and the reasonable cost of labor are two things which make Belize offshore companies attractive. These factors allow us to maintain a highly-competitive price level - not only compared to traditionally expensive BVI companies, but also the relatively inexpensive, democratically cheap Seychelles.

The low cost of offshore services in Belize makes registration profitable for companies with small business projects and even under separate deals. At the same time, contrary to the popular belief that "you get what you pay for", the quality of the services is not affected in any way. Belize’s offshore legislation is a modernized adaptation of the legislation of the world’s most advanced jurisdictions (BVI), and our staff are some of the most qualified professionals in the offshore sector.

5) No requirements for payment terms or company capital. Learn more.

The standard authorized capital of a company in Belize is thought to be US$50,000. We recommend you stick to this figure, as it is the minimum amount applicable to company registration and annual fees (US$100).

At the same time, the owner of an offshore company is free to choose any amount of authorized capital at registration. Note, however, that a company whose share capital exceeds US$50,000, pays an increased duty at registration and for the annual renewal of the company. For these companies, the fee increases tenfold (US$1,000). If using shares without par value, this fee will be US$350.

Regarding the timing of the payment of authorized capital, Belize uses guidelines which are approved in the offshore industry. The law does not specify the exact timeframe during which the share capital needs to be paid, and does not indicate the amount of the payment to be made. In other words, your company can start working, deferring payment of capital for an indefinite period - or paying only a small part of it. The capital structure of a Belizean offshore company is a flexible and trouble-free tool that easily fits into the specific conditions of the business environment.

6) No requirement to file financial statements. Learn more.

Belize offshore companies are free from obligations to submit financial statements to the tax authorities and to keep accounts. In the case of records being kept, the law does not regulate the storage of documentation or limit its size – the accounting format and storage of documents are at the discretion of the owner of the company.

We recommend not discontinuing financial accounting, however, as this information can be very useful in assessing the financial position of the company.

7) The corporate structure allows directors and shareholders to act as legal entities. Learn more.

A Belize offshore company must have at least one director and one shareholder. Both of these positions may be occupied by the same person (of any nationality). At the same time, the number of directors and shareholders are not limited.

Important! The directors, shareholders and other officials of an offshore company can be both physical and legal persons. This feature of offshore companies opens up opportunities for diagramming the ownership and management of the company.

The law does not require the owners and managers of the unit to hold annual meetings in Belize. These meetings can take place anywhere in the world and can be implemented remotely (in the form of conference calls, etc.).

If necessary, the Belizean offshore corporate structure can be further enhanced by transferring stocks to the possession of a Trust. This legal norm is almost unknown here, but it is widely (and beneficially) used in common law countries. In addition, shares in your company can be transferred to a charity fund, which will strengthen the security of your offshore structure. You can find more information on charity Trusts by following these links.

List of documents required to start company registration in Belize.

You need to prepare only two documents:

1) Certified identification document.
Ideally, this should be a passport. In cases where a passport, for whatever reason, can not be produced, an ID-card or driving licence may be used (if they contain a photograph of the holder).

The document must be certified by a notary or lawyer, bank manager, police officer or embassy official of a similar level.

If the original documents are presented in person at our offices, there is no need to certify them.

2) Proof of address.
We accept: utility bills (except mobile phone bills), bank statements or credit card bills, a certificate issued by the municipality of residence, an extract from the register of residents, a letter from a notary, bank, etc.

These documents must be submitted by all individuals involved in the company (the owners, directors, shareholders, and any persons who will be issued with Power of Attorney). In order to proceed with the registration of your company, it is sufficient to send electronic (scanned) copies of all documents. Paper originals can be sent later - after the company has been successfully opened.

The final stage of the preparation procedure is signing the order form and terms of cooperation with Fidelity by the Belize company owner.

A step-by-step guide to registering an offshore company in Belize:

Step 1. Ordering and preliminary consultations.

Duration - from half an hour to several hours.

When registering a company in Belize, it is best to start with a pre-order, which can be arranged through our company’s online configurator. By following this link, you will find the user-friendly online order form, which will determine the basic parameters of your future company. Moreover, the form also calculates how much the registration of your company, and its upkeep, will cost.

All parts of this form contain explanations and comments, which make it easy to fill in. You are simply required to provide identification - all of the legal niceties will be taken care of by our experts.

Remember that the initial order can easily be changed or added to later, so don’t be worried about making a mistake when you are completing the forms – there’s no such thing as an error here.

Your form will go straight into the hands of one of our managers. We will contact you (usually within a few hours) in order to clarify all of the necessary details, clear up any points of confusion, and answer any questions you may have.

Please be aware:
Filling in the order form is merely for informational purposes and does not oblige you to buy anything.
If you only have a vague idea of what type of company you need, please contact us and we will help you choose the optimal set of services to suit your specific needs and demands.
You can also download the order form from our website and send it to us by email or fax. In addition, we would be happy to arrange a face-to-face meeting at our offices in Riga (Latvia) or Belize City (Belize).

Step 2. Checking the company name in the Register.

Duration: one working day.

The name of each new company must be approved by the Register of Companies of Belize.

Potential names must comply with a few simple rules:
- Uniqueness (the name should not be identical to the name of an existing company, or be too similar);
- Accuracy (the name must not contain banned words or indicate any type of activity requiring a separate licence);
- Neutrality (the name should not claim any connection with Belize offshore companies).

If the meaning of the name seems unclear to the Registrar, he may require clarification of both the name and the scope of the company`s business.

Note:If you’re having problems naming your company, or you don’t want to waste time checking names in the Register, you can always use one of our pre-approved company names. All of these names are ready for immediate use.

Step 3. Payment.

Duration: from several minutes to several days, depending on the method of payment.

After approval of the company name and clarification of all the details of your order, our staff will prepare and send you our invoice. For your convenience, we offer three methods of payment: conventional bank transfer, by credit card over the Internet or by cash at our offices.

Company registration will begin as soon as the funds are received in our account.

Fidelity recommends paying for our services by credit card. It`s safe – you can always cancel the payment; it`s quick - the transaction is carried out instantly; and it’s beneficial - you pay exactly the amount specified in the invoice, with no commission.

Step 4. Company registration.

Duration: from a few hours to one working day.

A few hours after submitting your application, your company will begin its legal existence (including the receipt of a registration number and legal address).

Step 5. Preparation and delivery of statutory documents.

Duration: from two to five working days.

The preparation of statutory documents takes a few days. Another two or three days will be needed for notarization and Apostille of the documents (if these services were ordered by the customer). Exact dates depend on the occupancy of the notary office and the work involved in the apostillation process.

The finished documents will be delivered by courier to your address anywhere in the world. You can also pick them up in person at our offices.

Note:In some cases, customers prefer to store the documents at our office. We are very open to this request and provide safe storage of documents for a modest fee.

Step 6. The final steps.

After the successful registration of your company, our staff will contact you and ask you to sign some documents (declaration of company, document storage address, confirmation of director, etc.). Once this is done, congratulations - you are now the owner of a Belizean company, one of the most effective structures in the offshore market.

The whole process takes two to six business days.

For your convenience, we also offer ready-made companies and turnkey packages (shelf companies with an already open bank account). Using these solutions will reduce the time required for registration. A working offshore structure in just a few days? That’s the reality of choosing Fidelity!

Key facts about Belize offshore companies.
Corporate format: International Business Company (International Business Company).
Applicable Law: Belize IBC Act (Revised Edition 2002).
Level of taxation: Zero.
Privacy: High. Information about the owners, directors and shareholders is kept by the registrar and is not disclosed to third parties.
Valid corporate endings: Ltd., Limited, Inc., Incorporated, Corp., Corporation, Company, SA, Societe Anonyme, Sociedad Anonima, GmbH, SARL, and any other endings suggesting a limited liability company and its legal status.
Optimum authorized capital: 50,0 (minimum state duty).
Attention: The law does not require full payment of the authorized capital and does not specify a timeframe.
Any amount of authorized capital is possible.
Minimum paid-up capital: Not required.
Minimum government fee: 0 .
Minimum number of directors: One director (legal entities are allowed).
Minimum Number of shareholders: One shareholder (legal entities are allowed).
Nominee directors and shareholders: Allowed.
Company Secretary: Not required.
Book-keeping: At the discretion of the owner.
Submission of accounts and audits: Not required.
From a tax point of view, is the company is regarded as a resident?: No.
Bearer shares: Allowed (with restrictions).
Language of statutory documents: English.
Shelf companies: Available.

Shelf companies in Belize available for immediate purchase
Name Date Status    
CayeLite Incorporated CayeLite Incorporated 16.09.2014. Registered, finalised configuration Order  
Saiga Industry Corp. Saiga Industry Corp. 13.08.2015 Registered, finalised configuration Order  
Tara Enterprises Ltd. Tara Enterprises Ltd. 13.08.2015 Registered, finalised configuration Order  
Calcaf Ltd. Calcaf Ltd. 27.10.2014 Registered, open configuration Order  
Disfrutd Corp. Disfrutd Corp. 27.10.2014 Registered, open configuration Order  
Hathor Art Corp. Hathor Art Corp. 02.07.2013 Registered, open configuration Order  
Kavimpex Limited Kavimpex Limited 24.04.2013 Registered, open configuration Order  
Magnumopus Ventures Ltd. Magnumopus Ventures Ltd. 13.05.2016 Registered, open configuration Order  
Poscafe Ltd. Poscafe Ltd. 27.10.2014 Registered, open configuration Order  
RIVAN CORP. RIVAN CORP. 01.07.2013 Registered, open configuration Order  
Solebo Agency Corp. Solebo Agency Corp. 18.01.2016 Registered, open configuration Order  
Verriton International Corp. Verriton International Corp. 18.08.2018 Registered, open configuration Order  
Barasco Enterprises Ltd. Barasco Enterprises Ltd. 29.08.2018 Approved
BFL Ventures Limited BFL Ventures Limited 16.08.2017 Approved

Documents that you will receive after company registration:

Basic Package Order

  • Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association;
  • Resolution of Subscriber;
  • Share Certificate;
  • Letter of Consent.

Standard Package Order

All of the above PLUS:

  • Apostilled set of primary documents This includes copies of the following documents, notarized and apostilled: ;
  • Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association;
  • Resolution of Subscriber.

Fidelity recommends purchasing an apostilled set of documents if you are planning on doing business outside of Belize (for example, opening a bank account).

Full Service Package Order

All the documentation of the Basic Package and Standard Package PLUS:

  • Declaration of Trust.
    Optional documents (not included in the packages are available on request).
  • General/Special Power of Attorney;
  • Certificate of Good Standing;
  • Certificate of Incumbency (issued by Fidelity);
  • Tax Exemption Certificate;
  • Copy of the Register of Directors/Shareholders;
  • Corporate seal.

Note: If required, we can arrange the legalization of your documents through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belize.

If you have any questions about registering a company in Belize or any other queries about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us - by phone, e-mail or through our contact form!