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Offshore companies from first handsThe Fidelity Group is a specialist with over ten years of experience in the international corporate services industry. We serve clients by assisting them to efficiently organize their international business undertakings, and personal wealth. Our Group establishes, registers, administers, and manages international companies. We also offer the creation of funds, trusts, and foundations tailored to client specifications, and provide all related administrative and management services to fully meet client needs. We are experts in wealth and asset protection, minimizing tax liability through corporate structures, asset relocation, and the establishment of entities for entry into diverse foreign markets. serves as a central base for all of our operations, and we invite you to visit the links to all of our offices to learn more about the specific products and services we offer in each jurisdiction.

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Fidelity Group is pleased to establish professional relationships with introducing agents, and other businesses acting as offshore intermediaries. These clients make up our professional client base, which consists of a wide variety of businesses in the corporate services field.

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