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Offshore Companies from the source The Fidelity Group is a specialist with over ten years of experience in the international corporate services industry. We serve clients by assisting them to efficiently organize their international business undertakings, and personal wealth. Our Group establishes, registers, administers, and manages international companies. We also offer the creation of funds, trusts, and foundations tailored to client specifications, and provide all related administrative and management services to fully meet client needs. We are experts in wealth and asset protection, minimizing tax liability through corporate structures, asset relocation, and the establishment of entities for entry into diverse foreign markets. serves as a central base for all of our operations, and we invite you to visit the links to all of our offices to learn more about the specific products and services we offer in each jurisdiction.

We are a licensed, and Regulated Registered Agent in Belize, the British Virgin Islands, and Seychelles. As on-site direct source service providers in these jurisdictions we specialize in offshore incorporations, trust and foundation formation and administration, and other corporate services. Additionally, we have a local presence in affiliated offices which can provide a similar range of products from several other licensed registered agents in renowned offshore jurisdictions with whom we have established collaborations. All of our offices together compose the Fidelity Overseas/Fidelity Corporate Services group, which includes:

Fidelity Overseas Ltd - a privately held domestic company, registered and operating in Belize. The firm is licensed under the Belize International Financial Services Commission (Licensing) Regulations 2000, and is authorized to provide formation or management of international business companies or other offshore entities in and from Belize. As such, Fidelity Overseas Ltd acts as a Registered Agent in Belize and is regulated and supervised by the Belize International Financial Services Commission.

Fidelity Corporate Services Ltd - a privately held BVI company. It is licensed under the BVI Banks and Trust Companies Act 1990 and holds a General Trust Licence No GTL 14006/06, being authorized to provide offshore company formation and management services in the British Virgin Islands. As such, it is regulated and supervised by the BVI Financial Services Commission.

Fidelity Corporate Services (Seychelles) Ltd - a privately held Seychelles domestic company. It is licensed under the Seychelles International Corporate Service Providers Act 2003 as an international corporate service provider (Registered Agent), authorized to provide offshore company formation and management services in Seychelles. As such, Fidelity Corporate Services (Seychelles) Ltd is regulated and supervised by the Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA).

It is important to mention, though, that Offshore worldwide is not just a business home page for the Fidelity Group’s products and services. Instead, it is a social project, and knowledge base for all of your offshore needs. We believe in free societies, and that our services help clients achieve and maintain their financial freedom, but more importantly, that being well-informed is the real key to living a free life. We want to share our knowledge with the world to inspire and encourage all likeminded people. Here you can find informative articles, regular blog posts about the offshore industry, economic events, legislative changes affecting wealth management, and other related stories of interest dealing with global affairs. We also encourage you to visit our forums and communicate directly with us there, so that we can develop an active discussion that is educational for all involved. Lastly, if you’re the inquisitive yet quiet type, you can always sign up for our newsletter and get our updates delivered right to your mailbox.