3% TAX or 30% TAX, in Bamako, Mali, you can decide this yourself!

March 19, 2015 - by Nida U.

3% TAX or 30% TAX, in Bamako, Mali, you can decide this yourself!

Occasionally browsing in the net I find some interesting articles...

Well, the heading speaks for itself, it is a country where tax rate is a choice you can make for yourself.

Apparently, when you go to the local tax office to register as tax payer you are offered a choice of two tax rates - 3% or 30%. I don’t believe someone will actually opt for the 30%, but who knows..

Reality is that the 30% is offered simply to make you believe that if you choose 3%, and that 3% gets approved you got a great deal, while its 1% or 2% which the Mali Government struggles to get. There was a good sample described in the article about local soft-drink seller, whose shop was closed down after he could not pay what he was asked to pay. After a week the shop keeper returned to the office and offered to pay half of that amount plus threw in few crates of orange squash for the staff members. Quick fix, getting some tax is better than none after all.

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