The Price Issue or Each Case is Individual

January 4, 2013 - by Iveta D.

On today’s agenda – a important matter. The prices. What exactly do we offer our clients regarding this aspect?

Our price range is designed to meet the needs of everyone who is interested in our services – from a professional in the field to a beginner to the market of offshore services. Today we will discuss the latter.

The End Customer

Being a direct manufacturer of offshore services, we are not solely limited to major wholesalers. Any individual, any single business can acquire from us an offshore company or a package of services at retail. It will be cheaper and faster than working with middlemen. Another plus is the increased confidentiality of the transaction as there are no intermediaries involved. As well as the fact that we speak Russian.
Contrary to the popular belief, in order to acquire and use an offshore company, you do not need to be a certified accountant or an experienced lawyer. All in all, it is not difficult. Professional advice from an accountant and a lawyer is a must before the acquisition of an offshore because these experts will help you understand with what and how can an offshore company help you and your business. However, after receiving advice, you can buy the company yourself directly, using our services.

To end customers we offer two main offshore products.

A Complete Package of Management

$ 1,400 ($1,300 from the second year of the company). What does it include? A complete offshore setup, secured with all the necessary services. Basically, the company itself - a complete set of documents, a nominee director, a nominee shareholder. And the possibility to use the company’s address for your business purposes.

This set is the best choice for you if you need maximum protection and serious guarantees. It is also the best choice if you are not completely sure what kind of services you exactly need and you are not thoroughly familiar with the subject. In matters like this, it is better to be safe.

The “complete package of management” being very popular among our end customers, we have introduced a discount on this product. The complete package will cost you $300 less than the sum of all the services together, if ordered separately. And one of the services is provided for without charge.

The Basic Package of Incorporation

$ 800 (cost of annual maintenance - $ 400). An offshore company as it is, nothing redundant. Registration, stamp duty and certified documents. An offshore company ready for use. This offer is for those who know exactly what they want. Usually, the client buys the basic package and adds a couple of additional services. In the end you get a custom made offshore company, adjusted to the specific situation and needs.

Both the basic package and the complete management package can be supplemented with additional services (bank accounts, supporting documents, virtual offices, etc.). I am not going to burden our readers with a long price list, but if you are interested in the exact costs of a single service or a package – please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer any question you might have. 

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