What happens to the shares when shareholder dies?

January 16, 2013 - by Nida U.
One client asked me :

"What happens to the shares when shareholder dies?"
This is very simple, share is like any property, therefore if a shareholder dies, the share becomes property of the shareholders heirs, unless there is a last will, trust or instruction from the shareholder. If deceased have not left a will, then his property that is left should undergo normal inheritance procedure.

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Why are we insisting for clients DUE DILIGENCE?

January 10, 2013 - by Nida U.

I get about 4 emails a week from our clients with questions about Due Diligence requirements. 

What for do we actually need this information?
The answer is very simple, the registered agents are obliged by the law to know who are the ultimate beneficial owners of the IBC, down to the physical individuals. This is why our form asks for beneficial owner information for the ultimate physical owners of the company.

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Buying an Offshore. Offshore Companies from the Source

January 5, 2013 - by Iveta D.

Clients often ask me – what is your main advantage? Why should I choose your company among the array of other offshore service providers?

Prices? Not really. Our prices are reasonable, but not the lowest in the industry. You can always find new agents who are entering the market with their „sensational” dumping proposal, low-skilled staff who is ready to „work for food” and, hence, the appropriate quality of the service. Having piled up orders, these agents are unable to process them and they get buried under the paperwork, inquiries and calls from indignant customers. It all comes down to unnecessary problems. After all, saving on your offshore setup is like saving on your bullet-proof vest.

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The Price Issue or Each Case is Individual

January 4, 2013 - by Iveta D.

On today’s agenda – a important matter. The prices. What exactly do we offer our clients regarding this aspect?

Our price range is designed to meet the needs of everyone who is interested in our services – from a professional in the field to a beginner to the market of offshore services. Today we will discuss the latter.

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Welcome to the New and “EPIC” Fidelity Offshore World Wide web, blog and information site!

January 1, 2013 - by Nida U.

First of all I would like to wish you all a very Happy New 2013 on behalf of Fidelity Corporate Services Limited (FCSL)! And wish for the 2013 to bring you lots of prosperity and success in your own business world!

I would like to introduce you with who we are! We are part of the Fidelity Overseas and Fidelity Corporate Services group. We have ground offices in several reputable tax havens.

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