Do not pass income tax, do not pay $200

May 3, 2013 - by Nida U.

Income Tax Refund

Planning to go offshore, but don’t know which jurisdiction to choose from?
This is a very common struggle clients meet, before establishing their first offshore company.

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Can you revive your IBC, if you failed to pay all payments and government fees?

April 30, 2013 - by Nida U.
Revive Offshore IBC

The answer is yes. When you fail to pay annual renewal fees, your IBC loses its status of good standing and incur late penalties. Your IBC becomes kind a like zombie, waiting to be woken up!

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Latvian Holding Company or The New Offshore in Europe

April 25, 2013 - by Nida U.
Latvian Holding Company

Since Latvian Parliament adopted amendments to the law of corporate income tax in 2011, it has become a very attractive choice for international business. These amendments are effective from this year, so this really is a newbie and makes Latvia a new low-tax regime country in Europe. As we know, there are already a list of countries in Europe with tax regimes that are favorable for the establishment of holding companies, such as Cyprus, Malta, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland and others. However, because of some specific advantages, looks like Latvia will be in a good position to become a great competitor. While, Latvia won’t be able to compete with high pitch jurisdictions such as Luxembourg, Switzerland, it will become a great competitor to Cyprus and Malta.

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Prepaid card solutions

April 17, 2013 - by Nida U.
Prepaid Card Solution

Payment cards are essential for money carrying nowadays. I don’t know anyone who does not have one these days, o wait, my ninety years old grandma does not have one and my seven month old son, but that’s about it!

It is always a question what card to get and where to open an account, to get credit or debit, where to open an account, etc..

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Cyprus bailout: Expected anxiety is going very smoothly

April 2, 2013 - by Nida U.

Finally after two weeks banks in Cyprus have reopened. Let’s be honest everyone expected slight unrests as soon as banks will open and expected that people will be little tense and impatient to withdraw their savings as soon as banks will open their doors.

Armoured trucks filled with uniformed guards delivered cash to banks in preparation to open banks for public, also bank employees turned up for their work early to prepare for this day!

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