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January 5, 2013 - by Iveta D.

Clients often ask me – what is your main advantage? Why should I choose your company among the array of other offshore service providers?

Prices? Not really. Our prices are reasonable, but not the lowest in the industry. You can always find new agents who are entering the market with their „sensational” dumping proposal, low-skilled staff who is ready to „work for food” and, hence, the appropriate quality of the service. Having piled up orders, these agents are unable to process them and they get buried under the paperwork, inquiries and calls from indignant customers. It all comes down to unnecessary problems. After all, saving on your offshore setup is like saving on your bullet-proof vest.

The wish to save a few dollars turns into a headache for the client. The setup of an offshore company without adequate support from the agent turns out to be as useless as a mobile phone with a dead battery. Range of services? Generally, the same as others. Registration and support of offshore companies (as well as other additional services – companies with special licenses, funds, trusts), opening of bank accounts, services of nominee directors and shareholders, etc. All in all, the entire industry provides services of the same range. However, our services are of high quality and we take pride in that, but that is not the main point. The main point is... WE ARE NOT THE MIDDLEMEN. We work with you directly and not from an office in Moscow or Cyprus, selling you services that have passed through half a dozen hands (with the appropriate price increase at each stage). We are located in the Seychelles, Belize, British Virgin Islands. Victoria, Mahe Isle. Road Town, Tortola Island. Belize City, Belize. These are the locations of our offices. We do not resell. WE PRODUCE. For you, as a client, it is simply “Offshore Companies from the Source”.

What does it mean for you? The answer is simple: the prices of the producer, without price increases of intermediaries. Direct contact with the “factory”. Need a company on order? No problem – we can create it. The unique name? We will verify it. All questions can be answered – and they are answered without a long chain of intermediaries, numerous phone calls and pending emails. By calling us, you are directly calling the people who will be setting up your offshore company. No middlemen, no additional costs.

And, yes... A small, but important detail. We also speak Russian. Serious questions are best addressed in the native language, aren’t they?

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