The New Seychelles IBC Act, 2016

November 3, 2016 - by Nida U.

The new Seychelles IBC Act 2016

We very well know, that there changes that are happening now and happened already (amendments to the BVI ACT, more here) and we also know that such changes will continue to happen.

These changes are not a bad thing, in reality it is a good thing! These jurisdictions simply strive to comply with the International Transparency Standards, by implementing the new changes, and by doing so, these jurisdictions remain an option for us.

More about the background of the global transparency changes you can read here )

Seychelles is one of the jurisdictions that introduces changes, in fact a whole new IBC Act 2016, which in turn replaces the existing Act 1994 (Old Act). The National Assembly of Seychelles approved the IBC Act 2016 (New Act) on 26th of July, 2016, and it is in force as of 1st of November, 2016.

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Prepaid card solutions

April 17, 2013 - by Nida U.
Prepaid Card Solution

Payment cards are essential for money carrying nowadays. I don’t know anyone who does not have one these days, o wait, my ninety years old grandma does not have one and my seven month old son, but that’s about it!

It is always a question what card to get and where to open an account, to get credit or debit, where to open an account, etc..

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