Born Free, taxed to death or Venezuela`s airport `breathing` tax

October 28, 2014 - by Nida U.

Born Free, taxed to death or  Venezuela`s airport `breathing` tax

Airports already charge so many different fees, like passenger taxes, departure taxes, fuel taxes, etc., but this I must say is one of the most interesting taxes I have heard so far – WAIT FOR IT ... - the air tax!

Nowadays there are so many airlines, the costs to fly somewhere have gone down, since some 15/20 years ago, but all the little fees and charges for all the little un-included services add up. Actually, so many of airlines and airports around the world charge travellers somewhat weird fees, e.g., plastic bags for 100ml liquids rule, on board bags, name changes, blankets, even for a chance to have cigarette in designated area, debit or credit card fees and funny enough, Ryanair charged clients 2 EUR for EU261 levy, to cover the compensations for flight delays and cancellations as per the EU regulations, even though they announce themselves as the most on time airline.

Venezuela’s Maiquetia International Airport is now, since this summer, charging all travellers a fee of USD 20 for the right to inhale clean air. This fee is taken to cover the costs of the new system, which uses ozone in order to purify airports air conditioning systems, to protect the health of the travellers by killing air born bacteria as well as deodorize and sanitise the airport.


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